Rasor Road offers a wide range of terrian for off road exploration.  From sand dunes, hard pack, rock and hill climbs.  There is something for everybody.  
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Latest Road Conditions Jan 2014
The road into camp was in great shape.  Good mosture just under the surface makes for good traction.  Be sure to stay on the well travled road with your motorhome or trailer as it is still soft enough to get stuck in the sand if you blaze your own trail.

The Shell Gas Station at Rasor Road is doing banner business with the folks traveling to and from Vegas.  Lines for fuel and the restroom are very long.  It's all good as long as the gas station remains open for us off-roaders.

I have updated a few photos of Afton and corrected a few broken links.  I will be adding some more pages and photos soon.  Check back often.  Hope you enjoy the website.

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Road Condtion Update 2012
It looks like the road was packed well during the Thanksgiving holiday.  No problems were reported. The Mojave River is running at the 17 FT. level near Victorille.  Should make for some interesting rides in Afton Canyon!  It has been very cold at night, so keep your batteies charged and propane tanks full.  See the temprature graph below - Global warming, yea right!

We all miss you Guy!  Your memory lives on in our hearts. Rasor just is not the same without you.

Guy's photos of our '05 potluck - Click Below


Kati wrote in with some Rasor Family History:

Clarence McAlliff Rasor was my grandfather on my father's side. He was a surveyor for the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad that ran through the Baker area transporting bentonite and borax. Rasor was the name of one of the water stations along the route, in honor of him. I've never been to see it, but my brother has. There used to be a few buildings, but they are all gone. The T&T was closed down in about 1940. If you "google
" Clarence Rasor (www.ttrr.org/img_dbf/shosh_01.html) you will find a website that gives the history of the Tonopah & Tidewater. There is a picture of my grandfather standing next to some of the people on the last train ride. Somewhere in this house I have a picture of him and a newspaper article about him. I once stopped at the Rasor Rd. Beacon Station and had promised myself I'd send a copy of the both so they could hang it in the cafe. Always nice to know a bit a of local history. But, here I am, three years later... 6 years ago, I rode my horse from Barstow to Laughlin, NV and passed over the old RR bed of the T&T. I stopped and got off my horse and had my picture taken of me standing on it. I found a few splinters of old railroad ties, kept one as a souvenir. I'd love to have a RR spike, but with the war in the early 40's, I'm sure all were scrapped and used for the war effort.

I'll have to rummage around in the family photos to find a picture.


Thanks for the History - I hope you will find us a photo of your grandfather to post.


UPDATE 1/26/05
Melissa Eickhoff wrote in about her 1/15/05 visit.  She said:"There are places where the river flowed a quarter mile wide!"  Melissa included some photo
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